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Health Insurance in UAE – For Expatriates

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If you’re traveling to UAE then health insurance is mandatory for you. It’s important that first of all you should get a job in UAE. To search latest jobs in UAE visit our job portal. After that you fully know how the healthcare system operates. Study our entire guide below to health insurance in the UAE.

The health insurance infrastructure of UAE is highly developed and the healthcare standard in Dubai is high. For both nationals and expatriates, modern medical facilities are alike and easily accessible. Both the public and private hospitals in Dubai offer good quality healthcare. Although many expatriates prefer private medical centers. The language English is commonly spoken and therefore it’s easy to communicate with medical staff for expatriates. 


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Health insurance for expatriates

UAE residents are getting free or very low-cost medical services from public hospitals and clinics. If expatriates want to use public hospitals, then they need to apply for a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS).

The quality of health cards and the scope of coverage for employers and their dependents is determined by the employee’s salary, designation, etc. The range of coverage and type of policy/scheme would determine the cost of your medical services.

In Dubai, companies are asked to give health insurance coverage to their employees. There is a range of insurance companies in the UAE. Some of them also providing Islamic insurance (takaful).

The United Arab Emirates has forced act forcing residents to have health insurance. To gain a visa, it is also now mandatory to have insurance. Since this system has been in place the expatriates without insurance danger being asked to leave the country.

Health insurance must be provided to the employees b the companies. The same rule is also applied for spouses, dependents, and domestic workers.

The coverage of health cards depends on the standard. Normal standard cards will cover usual treatments and the good standard cards will cover high standard treatments and even operations as well. Depending upon the salary and designation, workers will be provided health insurance by the companies.

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